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Global Education Services is dedicated to meeting the needs of every client. To answer some of the questions that you might have about our services, we have provided the following list of answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Que 1: How do I contact Global Education Services?


Ans : The quickest and easiest way to contact Global Education Services is through online application option and providing your basic details. Our team will call and assist you in further processing. You can submit your queries to


Que 2: How much does Global Education Services charge for services?


Ans : Because every country requires different fee structure process for individual visas and processes further. Global Education Services provides individualized services for it’s every client. Being more specific, the fees that we charge from our clients that is directly related to the price of the visa or services required by your destination country. This allows Global Education Services to provide you with competitive rates for professional service that is tailored to your specific needs.


Que 3: What are the main reasons for Indian students for study abroad?


Ans : Foreign degrees are well admired and respected in India. It is a significant advantage when you apply for a job in India if you are qualified from a foreign university or college.


Que 4: Do I have to sit for the English Test if I wish to go to Australia?


Ans : Yes, This is mandatory requirement to get the Student visa for study in Australia. For Australia student he needs to sit for IELTS / PTE exam.


Que 5: Do I have to sit for the English Test if I wish to go to New Zealand?


Ans : Yes, to get the Admission in the New Zealand IELTS test is required. In few universities TOFEL is also accepted.


Que 6. Can I work during my Study in Australia and New Zealand?


Ans : In Australia and New Zealand students are required to work for 20 hours during the session period of time and they have to work for full time during the official breaks provided by the Education Institutes.


Que 7. What I have to do for the Travel arrangements?


Ans: Being concerned for our clients, Global Education Services can arrange the Travel booking for them.


Que 8. What are the advantages of studying in Australia?


Ans: The reasons are as follows:


Degrees are globally recognized.

Costs which are occurred in Australia are lower in comparison of UK & USA.

The people of Australia are very friendly & co-operative.

Weather is totally suitable for Indian students.

Can work while studying

All the Universities of Australia are known for being Advance research focused & technology driven

Working on 12+3 system for master degree programme.


Que 9. What are the advantages of studying in Ireland?


Ans: The reasons are as follows:


Irish education is the highest kind of international quality education.

Ireland provides one of the excellent high education system and a major contributing factor to the rapid rate of economic growth. Ireland has great experience over the last few decades.

Higher education institutions of Irish are widely known for its excellence in many disciplines.

To study in Ireland is totally safe.

Ireland is an English speaking country. So many number of great writers in English literature have come from Ireland. These include Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, William Butler Yeats, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and Samuel Beckett.

Irish people are known for their friendliness behavior and hospitality which greatly contributes in attracting the students from all over the world and makes ease with which overseas students adapt to student life in Ireland.


Que 10. What are the advantages of studying in USA?


Ans: USA is considered to be one of the most widely chosen study destination for international students. Apex institutions of learning, infinite study choices, international recognition, Infrastructure, industrial training and research, flexibility, exciting and enjoying campus life, global vision are the main features that make USA perfect for the international students.


Que 11. What would be the cost for studying in abroad?


Ans: The costs of studying abroad vary from country to country. It depends on the living cost of that place which student chooses for study. Generally, programs with equal excellence in developing countries are less expensive than those which are available in developed countries. The Study Abroad costs includes tuition fees, admission fees, housing rents with meals, transportation charges, travel and excursions, insurance charges, cultural activities and personal daily expenses.


Que 12. Suppose I got less score in IELTS, is there any chance to admission into Universities abroad?


Ans: Yes, few countries will accept on a Professional English course and sometimes with ESL program you can enter.


Still have questions?


To find out more about how Global Education Services can help you. You will be contacted with one of our professional consultants or counselor who will work with you in a proper manner to put your plans into action and makes your dream fulfill.